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High Efficiency Particle Arrestance (HEPA) Filters


Leaf Seal Filters

EMCEL Cylindrical HEPA Filters can be supplied incorporating the unique EMCEL Leaf Seal System which provides a superb, long term, air tight installation without the need for clamping mechanisms.

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High Capacity HEPA Filters

Applications combining high efficiency and high flow rates are easily catered for at EMCEL Filters by our High Capacity HEPA Filters manufactured using a multiwedge minipleat design.


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CBRN Vehicle Filters

Incinerable HEPA Filters

Our Incinerable HEPA Filters are useful when standard methods of disposal are not suitable.


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HEPA Panel Filters

EMCEL Panel HEPA Filters can be supplied in various sizes and caseworks depending on the requirements of your application.

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Plastic Framed HEPA Panel Filters

EMCEL Plastic Framed HEPA Filters are lighter and more cost effective than metal framed and MDF framed HEPA Panel Filters.

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Cylindrical HEPA Filters

Cylindrical HEPA filters offer an alternative to panel filters where this format is more appropriate to the application, for example where a limited face area is available.

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HEPA Canister Filters

EMCEL Canister HEPA Filters are designed and manufactured to meet Nuclear Specifications.

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HEPA Housings

EMCEL manufactured HEPA Housings are designed to suit your specific application, ensuring you achieve the highest possible efficiency levels.

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Terminal HEPA Units

EMCEL’s Terminal HEPA Units are designed to provide High Efficiency Filtration in clean room and hospital environments.


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