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Pharmaceutical Air Filters


Safe-Change Units

Custom designed air filtration units for critical applications in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical production sector. Working closely with customers, EMCEL has designed many unique air filtration units to meet the stringent requirements of the Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries.

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Carbon Filters for Pharmaceutical Applications

The Emcel Divided Bed Activated Carbon Filter is designed to provide high performance adsorption of toxic contaminants. The filter incorporates deep bed carbon cells manufactured to the same unique patented design construction as EMCEL standard activated carbon filters.

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HEPA Filters for Pharmaceutical applications

EMCEL HEPA filters can be manufactured as replacements to match existing filters or to meet new design requirements.
Caseworks can be fabricated from galvanised steel, aluminium, painted mild steel, stainless steel or PVC but other materials such as MDF (for incineration disposal) can be specified.

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EMCEL manufactures a comprehensive range of Pre-Filters suitable for Pharmaceutical applications including: G2 Glass and G3 Synthetic disposable panel filters. G4 Pleated panel filters: Medium efficiency pleated filters incorporating extended area media packs

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