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Carbon Filters

web-tank-breather3-250-carbon-filterACTIV-V Carbon Filter

General purpose, activated carbon filter unit to meet the air purification requirements of air conditioning in accordance with DEO Specification 037 – 1997 (formerly M+E 100).

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maxicarb-carbon-filter-300MAXICARB Carbon Filter

Activated Carbon Filter Unit for applications that require heavy duty performance.

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sonoxocarb-carbon-filterSONOXCARB Carbon Filter System

Activated Carbon Filter Unit – Impregnated carbon for enhanced performance and control of atmospheric pollutants and acid gasses such as:  H2S, SO2, NO2 and O3


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KATERCARB Carbon Filter

Designed and developed to handle heavy duty applications in the catering and food processing industries.

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KATERCARB 2002 Carbon Filter

An enhanced carbon filter designed to work in series with electrostatic precipitator for extended filter life

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web-tank-breather3-250-carbon-filter-22TANK BREATHER Filter

A range of composite Tank Breather filters developed by EMCEL to control passive gaseous flow from liquid storage & holding tanks.

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odour-control3-250-carbon-filtersHigh Performance Odour Control Filters

High Performance Purpose Built Activated Carbon Odour Control Filters have been installed at several landfill sites, sewage treatment works, industrial process sites, etc.

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High performance “in-line,” sealed activated carbon filters for the removal of a wide spectrum of toxic gases and vapours, including Arsine and Phosphine.

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EMCEL Slimline filter units are specifically designed for applications where a medium level of filtration is needed but where space, and in particular filter depth, restrictions apply.

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replacement-carbon-cellsReplacement Carbon Filter Cells

Activated carbon filter cells manufactured by EMCEL Filters Limited to any size and specification to suit any new or existing filter installation.

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carbon-life-prediction-service-2Carbon Life Prediction Service

An indicative laboratory test for activated carbon in filter cells that will become saturated by odour, gas and chemical vapour contaminants during operation.

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