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Nuclear Filters

Rectangular-housing-200-nuclear-filtersContainment Systems

Available in a range of constructions: 316/304 Stainless Steel or Painted Mild Steel…

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Glove-box-Filters-250-nuclear-filtersCylindrical HEPA Push Through Filters & HEPA Canisters

Within our comprehensive HEPA range, EMCEL produce push-through filter elements and housings.

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divided-bed-filter-unitsDivided Bed

The Emcel Divided Bed Activated Carbon Filter is designed to provide very high performance adsorption of toxic and radioactive contaminants.

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Incinerable-HEPA-FiltersIncinerable HEPA Filters

Manufactured by EMCEL specifically for the Nuclear Industry.

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mobile-filter-unit-2-200-200-250Mobile Filter Units

Mobile Filter Units (MFU) and Mini Mobile Filter Units designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the Nuclear Industry.

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