We get this question relatively regularly and it’s a fairly simple answer. As EMCEL have the capacity to manufacture to order the filters or units our Customer’s need we try to prioritise showing our capabilities on the website as opposed to the filters we manufacture.

In order to give a general guide to our customers we show examples of filter types and general size options. As a rule we manufacture to suit specific customer requirements. In some cases EMCEL are unable to showcase these on our website due to NDAs we have in place and in other cases we do not have the space to show all the variables we can offer.

For example 4 of the 5 filters in the above photo are classed as circaframes or fancoil elements but they come in a wide variety of sizes, media options and even shapes.

The best way to discover if EMCEL can be of assistance is to speak with our Technical Sales team on 01403 253215 or email info@emcelfilters.co.uk.