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RFI Filters

To provide shielding from Radio Frequency Interference noise

Where air is used for the cooling of electronic equipment enclosures and RFI shielding is required, EMCEL RFI Filters are produced using manufacturing techniques and materials similar to other air filtration products in the range.

These RFI panel filters have been supplied to leading electronic/telecom component manufacturers for use in electronic enclosures and datacom equipment where RFI can be a problem. These filters are made to customer specification only and test prototypes are available on request.

Dual RFI / Dust Filtration

This can be achieved with two stage protection provided by the honeycomb RFI filter used in conjunction with a dust/particle air filter. These dust filters can be manufactured either as a separate panel, or as a layered filter panel combining RFI and dust filter elements.

Dual filters are custom designed for individual applications


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