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Dummy/Training Radial Filters

Manufactured to the same dimensions as the NATO Radial NBC filter, these filters are available in 2 versions:

Dummy Radial Filter

Dummy Radials are designed and manufactured to simulate pressure drop (resistance) when installed in CBRN / COLPRO systems.

This allows systems to be run normally when CBRN protection is not required. Utilising Dummy filters for testing, training and in no-threat situations reduces the usage of the actual CBRN filters, thus giving considerable cost savings. Filter airflow is rated at 300m3/hr.

Training Radial Filter

CBRN Radials are manufactured to simulate the weight and pressure drop (resistance) when installed in COLPRO systems. These filters give all the same benefits as the Dummy Filter plus the ability to train personnel and test systems with a filter of the same physical weight as NATO NBC Radial Filter. Airflow is rated at 300m3/hr. It is important to note that both these filters do not have any CBRN filtration capabilities and will not provide any CBRN protection.

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