Filters for sewage works

EMCEL design and manufacture odour control units for Waste Water, Landfill and Sewerage sites across the United Kingdom. These filters range from small Tank Breather filters for the control of discharges/displaced air arising from tank emptying, filling and temperature effects up to large banks of Maxicarb Units. Impregnated grades of carbon are selected to enhance the removal of specific contaminants.

EMCEL will design a unit to suit your application and odour requirements, ensure it meets your space limitations (if any) and manufacture on-site in our factory in Horsham, West Sussex. Prior to any new units being manufactured EMCEL will request formal drawing approval to guarantee you are satisfied with the design. Any changes can be made at this stage. 

If you require an odour control unit for a water treatment plant, landfill or sewerage site please contact our Technical Sales Team with your requirements.