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Triple Layered Filtration

EMCEL’s ability to manufacture to order  allows us to offer bespoke solutions to suit almost every application. In particular our filters containing three levels of filtration in one are in particular demand. These filters can contain three different particulate filtration … Continue reading

Are your grease filters a fire hazard?

Lockdown began in the UK on 23rd March and pubs and restaurants were closed the Friday before. Unless you removed and cleaned your grease filters in your commercial kitchen on the day or have done so during lock down it’s … Continue reading

Replacing your carbon cells

Your carbon cells need regular checks to ensure they are functioning properly. Unlike particulate filters there is no change in pressure drop when the carbon is exhausted, the first thing you notice may be a return of the odour that … Continue reading

High Level Odour Removal

Our EMCEL Maxicarb Units are designed for applications that require heavy duty performance. The Maxicarb Carbon Filter has been developed to remove and control a wide range of chemical vapours, odorous and toxic gases from airstreams where critical, high efficiency … Continue reading

Ideal for Commercial Kitchens

EMCEL Filters Ltd manufactures filters that are specially designed to help remove gases and odours from the air. These are ideal for use in commercial kitchens and food processing areas. Our units are manufactured on-site at our Horsham plant and can … Continue reading

Odour Control and Waste Water

EMCEL design and manufacture odour control units for Waste Water, Landfill and Sewerage sites across the United Kingdom. These filters range from small Tank Breather filters for the control of discharges/displaced air arising from tank emptying, filling and temperature effects up … Continue reading

Do you need an Odour Removal unit for your Commercial Kitchen?

Are you frying onions? Regularly cooking fish? You may need an EMCEL Katercarb Unit! The Environment Agency has the power to issues abatement notices for Commercial Kitchens if smells are considered a nuisance. If this happens give us a call. … Continue reading

Air Filtration Systems

EMCEL provide air filtration solutions that fit into your air handling systems and ensure your air is being filtered prior to entering your building. With the growing information available suggesting that air pollution is exacerbating existing health issues and having an … Continue reading

Toxic Air

Air Pollution in our cities in the UK and across the world is only getting worse and this can lead to some serious health problems as well as exacerbating existing conditions such as asthma. London breached its air pollution limit … Continue reading

Combating Air Pollution with EMCEL Filters

The continuing harmful effects of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in inner cities within the UK and across the world are well documented and are of a serious concern to all those who live and work in these places. Almost every day … Continue reading