EMCEL are proud to hold a UL file number for our UL94 V-0 Circaframe Elements – our file number is E329844. You can search for this here.

The filter is constructed using a strong, corrosion resistant, thermoplastically encased wire frame which is heat bonded to specially treated flame retardant filter media. The filter can be produced in virtually any shape or size and a range of foam media is available in a variety of porosities and thicknesses.

Our file number is specific to the elements as a whole and is subject to yearly testing as per the requirements. If you would like more information regarding our UL94 V-0 flame retardant Circaframe Elements please contact us on 01403 253 215 or email on info@emcelfilters.co.uk .


UL94 V-0 Recognised Flame Retardant Air Filter