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Disposal of Filters

EMCEL offer filters which are incinerable to make disposal an easier, safer task. These filters are used in many industries including the Nuclear and Pharmaceutical markets. We can offer these filters as panel using either MDF or plastic or cylindrical … Continue reading

Do you know what particulate filtration you require?

If you’re not sure what level of particulate removal you require sourcing an air filter can be a minefield. For example, if you wish to remove larger pieces of debris for a vent filter for a door installing a HEPA … Continue reading

Triple Layered Filtration

EMCEL’s ability to manufacture to order  allows us to offer bespoke solutions to suit almost every application. In particular our filters containing three levels of filtration in one are in particular demand. These filters can contain three different particulate filtration … Continue reading

Getting back into the office!

The UK Government has confirmed those of us who are unable to work from home are allowed back into the work place subject to being able to social distance. This is great news but also raises the question of Indoor … Continue reading

HVAC Filtration for Airports and Ferry Terminals

Travel has been significantly disrupted over the past few months due to the impact of Covid-19. Our airports and ferry terminals are seeing less visitors and staff. Now is the time for essential maintenance to take place without impacting on … Continue reading

Healthcare and Air Filtration

One of the most important aspects of our care system (other than those who work on the front line) is ensuring high standards of cleanliness. This enables those who are ill and their families know they are getting the best … Continue reading

Did you know?

EMCEL manufacture HEPA filters that remove particulate matter to an efficiency of better than 99.995% against EN14644. Each of our HEPA filters is tested onsite and will only leave our factory if they pass a test against EN14644 or BS3928 depending … Continue reading

Filters requiring FDA Compliancy?

EMCEL Filters can offer filters from M6-F9 to EN779 that utilise FDA compliant materials. The Pleated Media, Encapsulant and Seals can all be manufactured utilising materials that are FDA compliant. We also use Stainless Steel as part of these filters … Continue reading

Air Intake Filters

EMCEL design and manufacture a range of inlet filtration options. Some of our most popular are our Emflex and Plipad ranges which are installed and then replaced as and when required. These can either be panel or cylindrical air intake … Continue reading

Pharmaceutical Applications – What filtration do you need?

Pharmaceutical applications required a variety of air filtration depending on the specific requirements of a site or the process taking place. Some applications will require a higher level of filtration consisting of a 2 stage pre-filtration (usually a G4 panel … Continue reading