The continuing harmful effects of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in inner cities within the UK and across the world are well documented and are of a serious concern to all those who live and work in these places. Almost every day we are reminded about how damaging these gases are to human health and how, in Europe alone, targets are continually being missed to reduce them in our major cities. While much has been made, in the filtration world, about health implications of fine particulate matter and the need to improve indoor air quality little has been mentioned about Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and the collection of other atmospheric pollution gases and how they too are impacting upon those exposed to them on a daily basis.

For more than 40 years Emcel Filters Limited has been developing, manufacturing and supplying high performance filtration to the UK’s major museums and art galleries. We protect the nation’s valuable works of art from the damaging effects of atmospheric pollutant gases like Nitrogen Dioxide.  Working with these highly prestigious institutions Emcel have been able to develop and provide innovative filtration technology and been able to demonstrate its effectiveness in reducing these gases within these critical areas using complex on-site monitoring.


Now, this filtration technology is available from Emcel Filters Limited to protect individuals from the build-up of similar pollutants within buildings, offices, shops and factories. Adding a Sonoxcarb® Filter Unit to air intakes or installing one within an Air Handing Unit system can reduce levels of Nitrogen Dioxide along with many other harmful pollutants by up to 95%. Unique materials and manufacturing technology ensures that the Emcel filtration product performs like no other available on the market today.

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If you are involved in design or maintenance of building ventilation within inner cities you should be considering the impacts of not only fine particulates such as PM10 from diesel exhausts but also these seriously harmful pollutant gases such as Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).

Talk to Emcel Filters Limited, the specialist in gaseous filter technology, about the products we manufacture in the UK that can be provided to suit new or existing air handing and ventilation systems.

®Sonoxcarb is a registered trademark of Emcel Filters Limited