The new ISO16890-1:2016 came into effect in December 2016 and replaces EN779:2012. ISO16890-1 is to be used in conjunction with ISO16890-2, ISO16890-3 & ISO16890-4.

A new approach to the classification system is being adopted in order to offer great accurancy with regards to efficiency. A direct comparison between EN779:2012 and the new standard is complicated due to the different test and measurement methods.

The new standard will offer 4 different classifications and as shown below.


Efficiency Size range, µm
Coarse ePM10<50%
ePM10 0,3 ≤ × ≤10
ePM2,5 0,3 ≤ × ≤2,5
ePM1 0,3 ≤ × ≤1*


*Information taken from ISO16890 Technical Specification


Unlike EN779:2012 which challenges a particle size of 0.4 microns, ISO16890-1 will test against a range of between 0.3 and 10 microns. In order to achieve a classification level the the filter media must capture at least 50% of the particle size range. Each of the new grades will show the efficiency in a particle range to the closest 5%. Eg. 65% ePM10.


There is an 18 month cross over period for companies to move from EN779:2012 and begin using ISO16890, this transition should be completed by June 2018.


EMCEL are awaiting confirmation on the new classifcations of our filters and will confirm these with our Customers and on our website as soon as possible.


For more in-depth information on the new standard please use this link:


If you have any questions please contact our Technical Sales Team on or 01403 253215.