Lockdown began in the UK on 23rd March and pubs and restaurants were closed the Friday before. Unless you removed and cleaned your grease filters in your commercial kitchen on the day or have done so during lock down it’s likely they will be covered in grease and particulate matter.

We recommend checking your grease filters, extract system and carbon units prior to opening up again. It’s easier to and simpler to check the extract system when you don’t need to run it. This will also give you the time to order any replacement grease filters or carbon cells and be ready to re-open.

Our katercarb units contain a grease filter, a particulate prefilter and then the carbon cells. This means the cells are protected from the grease and particulate matter generated by a kitchen and will continue working effectively.

Our filter units have a batch code identifying them on the corner of the access door. If you need any replacement parts please get in touch and quote this number (example 12345.01) and we will be able to locate your unit and the correct parts. For those of you without an EMCEL unit please confirm the dimensions and we will be able to offer a quotation.