Unlike carbon filters it is much easier to know when your particulate filters need to be changed. Once your filters become clogged with particles the air will have trouble passing through the filter. This will increase your pressure drop through your filter and your fan will be working significantly harder; increasing energy costs. You need to change or clean your filter before this point.

We provide initial and final differential pressure drop figures for all of our particulate filters based on the rated flow of the system. This can be monitored by a range of differential pressure gauges/equipment available on request at quotation stage – these can also be fitted retrospectively.

Differential Pressure monitoring is essential, not only for the filter changeover, but to confirm there are no issues with the system. A sudden drop in differential pressure is not desirable, as this can point to other issues in the system and potential by-pass, in which case your filter is no longer effective and hazardous substances will not be removed.

Advice and training is available from EMCEL on request.

HEPA Filter Unit