There is currently a worldwide pandemic regarding the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

EMCEL Filters Ltd are following the official UK Government guidelines and reviewing measures that may need to be implemented depending on how the situation progresses.

EMCEL are classed as key workers due to the industries we supply, including the Pharmaceutical, Defence and Nuclear sectors. In line with this EMCEL are committed to keeping the factory and offices operational while it is safe to do so.

Current Action Plan:

  • Split shifts for those who are unable to work from home (manufacturing team members). No cross contamination between the shifts.
  • Regular hand washing reminders – the fire alarm sounds 5 times a day and all team members must down tools and wash their hands. This is in addition to normal hand washing practices
  • Where possible Office Staff are working from home. Where this is not possible staff members are alternating office time to ensure social distancing and reduce overlap.
  • EMCEL are no longer requesting signatures for customer collections, we are noting the date, time and number plates of collecting couriers as proof of collection.
  • No non-essential visits to or from EMCELs site.
  • Cleaning staff have been cancelled – employees are undertaking their own cleaning rota to ensure sanitation levels are maintained while reducing the exposure of the team.

We appreciate your support and commitment to EMCEL during this critical time. Please review our downloadable statement below for further information for our clients and suppliers. If you have any questions please contact us on or use the contact form.

Downloadable Statement – 17.03.2020
Statement Released: 17th March 2020