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Protecting our precious artefacts

Air filtration in museums and galleries is a key aspect of conservation and EMCEL are proud to be protecting some of our best known treasures. Our Sonoxcarb units are specifically designed to remove atmospheric pollutants that can cause catastrophic damage … Continue reading

Odour Removal Filters for Landfill

Some of the less savoury aspects of our lifestyle are linked to the disposal of our waste to landfill sites. In order to keep the air smelling sweet our EMCEL Tank Breather filters are available for the control of discharges/displaced air … Continue reading

Euronaval 2016 is on its way!

We will be exhibiting at Euronaval for the first time this year and we are looking forward to seeing old faces and meeting new ones! We are on stand G25 and please do come and introduce yourself.

Activated Carbon Types

Our carbon filters are not all the same because they do not all do the same job. We choose the right carbon to work best with your application.     Click on the Carbon Unit above to see our guide … Continue reading

Replacement Carbon Cells

Your carbon cells do a fantastic job of protecting and deodorizing and in order to maintain the filtration efficiency they need to be maintained and replaced when required. Unfortunately, unlike particulate filters, carbon cells do not have an increased pressure drop when … Continue reading

AEP 54 Vs. STANAG 4447

CBRN Filtration is vitally important in protecting our military personnel and at EMCEL we pride ourselves on our high quality filters manufactured on-site.  To ensure the effectiveness of the CBRN filtration a manufacturing and testing specification is followed, this includes … Continue reading

Which way up should my EMCEL Carbon cells be?

We cannot speak for any other carbon cell providers but we can say: for our carbon cells there is no right or wrong way up! Aesthetically we would recommend having the felt face upwards but it’s no big deal. If … Continue reading

How should I store my carbon filter cells?

EMCEL pack your carbon filters to industry standards to maximise the working life of the carbon. We recommend storing our filters in their original packaging, in ambient temperatures, in a clean, dry environment away from damp and direct sunlight. Remember that carbon … Continue reading

When should I change my carbon filter?

As users of Activated Carbon Filters will be aware it is not straightforward to know when your carbon filters are exhausted and require changing. Activated Carbon Filters begin their life with a finite capacity to adsorb Odours, Gases & Vapours … Continue reading

Removal of Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide can contaminate the demineralised water in the Combined Cycle Power Plants which can lead to corrosion. EMCEL Filters have developed an absorption filter designed to remove CO2. The demand for these filters has been steadily increasing and EMCEL have … Continue reading